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The Town of Camillus Police Department's Emergency
Response Snowmobile Unit was established during
the winter of 2000 – 2001. The Camillus Police
Emergency Response Snowmobile Unit consists of two
marked Arctic Cat 440 Panther snowmobiles with an
enclosed trailer and presently has five members
assigned who are all certified as New York State
snowmobile emergency response operators.
A main function of the unit is to address reckless
operation of snowmobiles on Town of Camillus
roadways  and in Town parks, paying special attentions to the Erie Canal Park. The unit has received accolades from citizens in Camillus for patrolling the canal and parks, making our trails safer for walking, jogging and cross-country skiing.
Additional functions of the emergency response snowmobile unit are:
  • Responding to calls for service during snow emergencies during winter storms and other police related complaints.
  • Utilized to deter, locate and arrest impaired snowmobile operators.
  • Assisting road patrol units during severe snowstorms.
The Camillus Police Emergency Response Snowmobile Unit expanded in 2005 with the signing of mutual aid agreements with the Western Area Volunteer Ambulance Service (WAVES) and local fire departments. Mutual aid allows for quicker emergency response to emergencies in Camillus and adjoining jurisdictions.
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