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The Camillus Police Department has seven School Resource Officers (SRO) assigned to the West Genesee School District. The School Resource Officers provide services for the seven separate schools within the district. The School Resource Officers work with school administrators and educators year round, as well as continuously evaluating and updating the safety plans for each school.

The School Resource Officers are members of the State of New York Police Juvenile Officers Association as well as the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Safe Schools Coalition which provides training and networking opportunities with other School Resource Officers from other local and regional police agencies.

The responsibilities of the Camillus Police School Resource Officers include but are not limited to:

  • As a visible, active law enforcement figure on campus dealing with any law-related issues that occur.

  • As a classroom resource for instruction in law related education.

  • As a member of the faculty and administrative team working hand in hand to solve problems in the school community.

  • As a resource for the students which will enable them to be associated with a police officer in a positive manner in their environment.

  • As a resource to teachers, parents, and students for conferences on an individual basis dealing with individual problems or concerns.

  • As a counseling/referral resource in areas which may affect the educational environment in a law-related nature.

  • To assist with crisis intervention and emergency management planning

  • To instruct our Community Oriented Drug Education (CODE) program to students district wide.

The School Resource Officers utilizes both reactive and proactive community policing methods in dealing with law enforcment issues district wide. The School Resource Officers participate in off duty activities such as sports activities and other school related functions that foster positive relationships with both students and staff in order to change the way young people perceive the law enforcement community.


We would like to welcome back Officer Diane Brand who has been the C.O.D.E. (Community Oriented Drug Education) Officer for grades K-5 for 15 years.

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