Neighborhood Speed Watch

Speeding drivers on neighborhood streets is one to the most common complaints received by the Camillus Police Department. Neighborhood Speed Watch is a three part program designed to address the concerns of our community. The program is a partnership between the Camillus Police Department and our citizens and is initiated by citizens concerned about speeding vehicles in their neighborhood.

Part one - a portable radar unit is loaned to citizens to measure the speed of vehicles in their neighborhood. The citizens log the vehicle observed speeding noting the speed of the vehicle, the license plate and description of the vehicle.

The log is then turned over to the police department and a letter is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. Neighborhood Speed Watch is a public awareness program. Registered owners of notified vehicles are not issued any ticket, are not fined, and nothing appears on their driving record relating to the warning letter.

A minimum of two people are needed for part one. One person uses the radar unit and measures the speed while the other(s) records the license plate information and a description of the vehicle.

Training in the operation of the radar unit will be provided when the unit is picked up. One person will be responsible for the radar unit.

Part two -€“ Placement of the Speed Monitoring Radar Trailer in the neighborhood. The trailer is a self-contained speed display unit, designed to promote speed awareness. The trailer uses a radar unit to determine the speed of vehicles approaching or driving away from the unit. That speed is displayed on the front of the trailer, along with a speed limit sign.

Part three - Traffic enforcement by the Camillus Police Department.

Please fill out this form if you would like to volunteer and participate in the Neighborhood Speed Watch Program.