Service Survey

The Camillus Police Department is committed to providing quality service to the citizens of Camillus.  This survey is being conducted in order for us to assess the attitudes and opinions that Camillus residents have about the Camillus Police Department. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible. No attempt will be made to contact you unless you choose to provide your name and contact information. Otherwise, you will remain totally anonymous.  Thank you for your feedback.

1. Have you had contact with the Camillus Police Department in the last year?:

If you answered "YES" please complete all of the following questions. If you answered "NO", you may skip to question #4 and complete the remaining questions.

2. Did the officer/employee who responded to your situation show (please mark what best describes your experience)?:

Response Time
Professional Conduct
3. How satisfied were you with the overall quality of service you received?:
4. What is your overall opinion of the Camillus Police Department's performance?
5. How safe and secure do you feel in the Town of Camillus?
6. What are your primary concerns related to crime in your area?
7. Where do you live?