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Crime Watch Neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch programs go by many names: Community Watch, Crime Watch, Building Watch. But whatever you call it, when neighbors organize to help their local police department watch over their community, it can make a significant impact on reducing crime and fear in your area.

First Steps

An individual, community organization, or law enforcement agency can initiate a Crime Watch Neighborhood program through a few simple steps:

  • Hold a meeting to talk about crime problems and see if there is enough interest to organize a Crime Watch Neighborhood.
  • Contact your local Camillus Police Department to train neighbors in home security, crime patterns, what to watch for and how to report it.
  • Select an overall coordinator and block captains to organize volunteers and establish effective communications.
  • Sign up volunteers, including homeowners and renters, business owners, the elderly, working parents; young people ... anybody who can help.

Effective Crime Watch Neighborhood Program Essentials

A typical Crime Watch Neighborhood program requires:

  • Regular meetings to keep your organization operating.
  • Volunteers that are vigilant to spot and report any problems.
  • Regular communications, such as fliers, newsletters, emails or phone calls.
  • Special events to keep members interested and active, including helpful seminars, block parties or neighborhood clean-ups.

What a Crime Watch Neighborhood program does

The typical Crime Watch Neighborhood program involves four ways to make your neighborhood safer:

  • Offers a service to mark valuable items with an identifying number to discourage theft and help the police track down stolen articles.
  • Utilizes proven techniques to make homes safer.
  • Organizes residents in watching over each other and the neighborhood, noting and reporting anything unusual or suspicious to the local authorities, including:
    • Screams or calls for help
    • Someone looking into cars or homes
    • A stranger removing items from unoccupied homes or closed businesses
    • Vehicles cruising slowly or without lights
    • Anyone being forced into a vehicle
    • A stranger stopping to talk to a child
  • Calling the Camillus Police Department at (315) 435-2333 to:
    • Quickly explain what happened
    • Give your name and address
    • Describe the suspect's gender and race, age, height, weight, hair color, clothes, and distinguishing features like facial hair, scars, accent
    • If a vehicle is involved, report the color, make, model, year, license plate and distinguishing features, like bumper stickers or dents

For further information regarding the Crime Watch Neighborhood Program please contact Lieutenant Tim Macholl at (315) 487-0102 or tmacholl@townofcamillus.com.